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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Summer League swim teams rely heavily on our parents to run the meets. It takes more than 100 individuals for a swim meet to run effectively. Therefore, each family on our team is asked to commit to 5 half meet shifts during the regular 5-meet Summer season. Except where noted, shifts are set up as 1st Half and 2nd Half. Some positions require certification or training. Look for clinics and training sessions on our website. We are here to help you find the right position to suit your strengths. It does NOT have to be stressful.

Position Descriptions


 (3 per meet)

Set-up-Showtime: Away 3pm Home 7pm Sunday night

Pre-meet master brings all tents and tarps from the team storage to each meet and sets them up in the designated team areas. This very important position makes it possible for our swimmers to be in the shade and grouped together. You must have a truck or large SUV. Tents are slightly heavy, but not prohibitive. You will have plenty of help from other team parents to set up tents and when it is time to take them down.This includes age group tents and additional tents needed for home meets over the ready bench areas.

The post-meet master will take down all the tents and tarps at sunset and return them neatly to storage. This position is a great option for parents who have older kids and are there ‘til the very end of the meet anyway, who can't get to the meet in time for 1st or 2nd half shifts, or who prefer not to work during the meet events. A truck or large SUV is needed for hauling.


Starter & Aide (Works Entire Meet; home meets only )

Must Be Certified Here and Back Ground Check Here

(1) Starter & (1) Aide per home meet.

Starter show time is 3:30pm & Aide 4pm.

Starter determines all lanes are properly filled with eligible swimmers. Responsible for making sure that swimmers are in proper start position and timers are in place before starting the event with a horn. Also determines false starts and disqualifies swimmers who had a false start.

Aide announces individual meets, turn event cards, provide information to starter, etc. Works closely with the starter to keep the meet running smoothly. 



Must Be Certified Here and Back Ground Check Here

(4) Stroke Judges & (2) Relay Judges per meet.

First shift Showtime 4pm Second Shift Showtime 6pm

Determines if swimmer completed entire swim event according to league rules (swimmer's start, body position, arm stroke, leg kick, stroke order, turns, and finishes). 2 relay judges are also needed per half. Relay stroke judges only work relays, but work the entire meet.



Background Check Here

(1-2 per group/per gender)

First Shift show time is 3:30pm

Supervises the age group tent, where swimmers sit together during meets. Marks events on each swimmer’s arm and helps swimmers get to the ready bench on time for their events (with caps and goggles). Age Group Parents are the only parents who have their chair within the tent space. This position is a great way to learn the names of your child’s teammates, and is most important for the younger swimmers, who need the most help. Age Group Parents of 6 & U and 7/8 are especially critical to the timely start of the meet. This is the only position that works the full meet.



Background Check Here

(2 per half) Timer side & open deck side

First Shift Show time 4pm.

Using the heat sheets, the ready bench organizers will place swimmers for each event in order. Notifies Age Group Parent of any missing swimmers. There will be 2 ready bench areas at all meets, one on each end of the pool. One side (away from the timers) will be used for relays and 25-yard swims. The other side (near the timers) will be used for relays and 50-yard swims.



(10 per half )

First Shift Showtime 4pm

Assigned to 1 lane. Operates a stopwatch to get the time for each swim. Both teams combine to provide 3 timers and 1 scribe for each lane. All 3 times are recorded by the scribe. This job gives you the best view of the swimmers during the meet. There is also a backup timer, so you don't have to worry about messing up! This job is usually in the shade, but it does require standing, and your feet will get wet.



(3 per half )

First Shift Showtime 4pm

Assigned to 1 lane. Records swimmer's time from all 3 timers in their lane. Hands time sheets to Runners.



 (1 per half; home meets only)

First Shift Showtime 4pm

Picks up completed time sheets from scribes and deliver to the scoring table. Wear comfortable shoes, as this job keeps you moving around the pool and the time passes quickly.



(2 per half)

First Shift Showtime 4pm

One person sorts time sheets from runner, separating by team and age/event. Passes slips to second person. Second person compares time sheets to find finishing place of swimmers. Third person verifies these results. With this job, you get to see the race results before others. This position gets to sit, is guaranteed to be under shade, but you are not readily on deck to watch the races.



(2) per meet.

Aids the Data Entry Chair in entering data from the time sheets into software. Works closely with the Scorekeepers.

First Shift Showtime 4pm.



 (4 per half; home meets only)

First Shift Showtime 4pm

Receives the results of each event heat and hands out ribbons to swimmers.



(4 per meet)

The concession stand will be open during the entire meet. Cook, sell, distribute water to volunteers & keep clubhouse clean and traffic free. Reports to Concession Director.



Back Ground Check Here

(2 per half.Home only)


Sets up & picks up signs, directs traffic when necessary, & aids parents in parking. Patrols pool area and surrounding grounds for security purposes. Monitor restrooms.


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